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Providing soap that’s good for you and the environment!
We are a specialized soap manufacturer engaged in the formulation of 100% all natural pure olive oil soaps. From an ancient process to modern times. Our all-purpose Savon Noir liquid soap is made using 100% natural ingredients.

  • The inspiration behind our soap started with a family trip to France. I am a woman owned small business trying to make a change in the way consumers shop for products.
  • We are raising money on Indiegogo to fund the costs associated with being a Product of the Year finalist.
  • Its a no-brainer why most companies don’t enter these competitions even though their products are far superior to the ones appearing on our shelves. IT’S EXPENSIVE and most small business simply do not have the funds for it. We are an underdog in this competition, namely because our competitors are conglomerates that have big budgets to win the Product of the Year seal¬† every year~ even if there are better products out there, we want to prove them different this year!

If you are interested to read on, donate or even spread the word about Le Savonnier Marseillais click the link below!

Thanks for all your effort!

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