Soap in its purest form.

One soap for many uses!
Beside being used for personal care, Marseille soap has always been well-known as a multi-purpose soap. Here are recipes you can try at home with one single Marseille soap. Quantities are given for guidance, you can adjust them to suit your need or preferences
Make your own shampoo.
Melt down au bain marie (water bath) one tablespoon of powder from a previously grated marseille soap bar. Add a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of honey. Stir this mix in order to obtain a  paste. Meanwhile, boil 100ml (about 1/2 cup) of water and slowly pour it in the paste. You should get a base in which you can incorporate for example, your favorite essential oil. Do not keep more than 3 weeks.
Make your own healthy detergent with Marseille soap.
Grate about 1 cup of Marseille soap and melt it in 4 L or 1 gallon of hot water. Let it cool a little bit and add 1/2 cup of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as well as 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Mix well and once you get a milky liquid, pour into an empty container like your previous laundry container. Shake well before each use. Sodium bicarbonate and vinegar are optional. The first will soften the water and fight odors while vinegar is a fabric softener.
-Washing temperature should be at least 30 Celsius/90 faranheight  degrees for better efficiency.
-The dryer your soap is, the better it is, grate your Marseille soap well in advance and keep it in a wooden box.
-To get rid of a stain, rub a Marseille soap directly on it before putting your clothes into the washing machine.
Quick recipe : Grate your Marseille soap in a fine powder and pour it directly into the washing machine. About one cup of soap for a full load.
Wash your clothes by hand with Marseille soap.
In a container, pour 1.5 L of hot water. Grate 50 g of Marseille soap. Mix well until you get a milky and foaming liquid. You can add a few drops of tea tree essential oil: it is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.
Leave your clothes in this solution overnight and the soap will do almost all the work. Rinse well.
Clean up kitchen counters, bathroom or any surface with a Marseille soap.
Simply rub a Marseille soap on a wet rag or even directly on the surface you want to clean up. Rinse well. No more industrial chemicals or fake fragrances and believe it or not, as easy to use as a spray.
Wash leather with Marseille soap.
Rub the leather surface with a drained cloth previously soaked with water and Marseille soap.
Care of wood furniture
All you need is a sponge and some liquid Marseille soap diluted in hot water. Apply regularly and a furniture made of teak will be more protected. Each application will also enhance the patina aspect.
Clean up your makeup brushes.
Rub a brush with a drop or two of liquid Marseille soap. The Classic Marseille cube soap will work great too. Don’t forget to rinse well.
Fight Aphids
Dissolve about 20 g of Marseille soap in 1 L of water and spray this solution on your plant leaves. An eco-friendly solution that really works.

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