Incredible Happy Pet!

I'm sexy and I know it!

Meet Barley. He is my 3 month old Bich-Poo. He is my model in demonstrating how great the Savon Noir soap is in washing dogs. The Savon Noir soap works fabulously to remove dirt, oils, and even pests on dogs. I used the eucalyptus scent because it has anti-septic and anti-parasitic qualities that are specifically great for our puppy. It has a balanced Ph level for pets that is very gentle on sensitive skin and can help dogs who have itching issues.

The principles are pretty much the same as with washing people, except you’ll need more soap because dogs are hairier and dirtier. You still want to be careful to keep the soap out of their eyes, and keep water out of their ears. In Barley’s case we put an old rag in the bottom of the sink and filled a cap full of Le Savonnier Marseillais soap with water, just below his body, we then used a cup to wet him and then wash him. The trick is to wash his body first and then proceed to the head so he doesn’t shake all the excess water all over your kitchen. We also used it on his face, as he tends to stain his coat with his tears.

When he was done, we blow dried him, since he is still a puppy and all he gets cold fast. We brushed his coat as well. He smelled and looked sumptuous, his coat was as fluffy and soft as silk. Don’t you Agree?




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