Your dry skin will disappear after only one wash. Guaranteed!

Do you suffer from dry, itchy, scaly skin? If you do, then continue reading…Annoucing our Savon de Marseille, a proven unique soap that carries a minimum of 72% olive oil content. At last a breakthrough that not only is 100% natural but nourishes your skin with the moisturizing powers only pure olive oil has. Guaranteed!

You know that feeling you get when you discover a new product…that’s awesome? Maybe it’s cool gadgets that you never seen, or its brilliantly designed, or the prices are just plain irresistible. For the past 3 years LSM has been working on bringing that to you! Our all natural olive oil square soaps last 3 times longer than any commercial soap on the market. Our soaps are 100% natural, not 99.9%. No, we don’t need a science degree to pronounce every ingredient in our soap either.

Le Savonnier Marseillais bar soap is the mildest of all soaps. Produced in the olive growing areas of France for centuries. This easily recognizable square soaps are handmade using olive oil sourced from the finest of regions. Each bar is cured for at least 2 months to offer the mildest most versatile all natural soap, tough enough to clean the dirtiest mess, but gentle for the most sensitive skin.

What happens after a few uses, the corners soften, the stamping fades and you are left with the most deepest inner green that would make Mother Nature blush! Creating an even more beautiful soft fragrant soap that leaves no residue or harsh smell.

Happy Earth Day!