Fall in love with our all natural family.


I hope you all had a very productive summer as I did. I am happy to say everything is back to status-quo now that the boys are back in school. So what have we been up to this summer? Well, some of you may or may not know we have successfully added our new 100% natural Le Savonnier Marseillais liquid soap to our family grapevine and along with it came the 72% natural olive oil bar. Our all natural scents come in Lavender, Orange Blossom, Peppermint and Unscented. Take a look at the family portrait!

_MG_0381-EditWhat goes into creating a line? It starts with you our customers and their feedback. Questions we ask is what scents you would like to see? From there we go into sourcing them and making sure they are the purest of qualities. We then bottle them and go through a label review to make sure all the fun and important things are listed on them.

It then gets shipped from our facility in France to our warehouse in Jacksonville, FL – where it makes it to your local natural health store, grocery store, hardware store and gift shop. Then most importantly to your home – where you love it as much as we do!



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